Aliens’ registration kicks off in Abyei

Migration department in Abyei is undergoing aliens’ registration and will continue for three months. The nationwide exercise is meant to know numbers of foreigners in each state, which countries they came from and whether they obtain right migration documents. The department says it gives six months temporary migration for aliens who had entered the country illegally and paid them 29,000ssp. Up to now 200 foreigners from Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia are registered. Early this year the South Sudan ministry of interior directed all foreigners living in the country to have their name registered.

Some foreigners who had married South Sudanese women considered themselves nationals and have to be exempted. Foreign traders said migration fee is very expensive compared to their incomes. Community police said aliens’ registration help them know the identity of criminal among them. Though accepting to pay such high fees alien’s said they are still being asked for migration money while moving within Abyei or travelling to Wau at the check points. They are urging higher authority to stop corrupt officers collecting illegal migration money.