100 people receive assistance from Achai Wiir company


Displaced people from Kolom who received humanitarian assistance from Achai Wiir Company on 15/04/2020 in Abyei Town

Achai Wiir company on Wednesday distributed humanitarian assistance to residents affected by armed attacks on villages in Abyei. Nyanchol Kong is one of those who survived armed attack on Kolom village. She thanked the company for the donation. Nyanchol mentioned the items she got. She said:

“We have been given one mattress, mat, and one sack of rice, and two people share one sack of Sugar, one sack of Ugali Flour, Soap, Salt and Oil, Maggie, Blanket, and beans. These are what we received.”Amir Chol Dau is a member of the distribution committee. He said 75 percent of the donation was given to affected people from Kolom, 5 percent for Mabok and another 5 percent shared among Rumamer, Mijak and Ameth Aguok counties. Several villages in Abyei were attacked by armed groups believed to be from Misseriya late last year and this year.