Rumamer county extends closure of some business places


Rumamer County Headquarters

Rumamer county authorities over the weekend extended the closure of tea making and shisha smoking places till further notice.

The commissioner of Rumamer county is Mayot Kunit Miyen.

He justified his order by encouraging the youth to work as rainy season approaches.

“My appeal to my sisters and mothers who sell tea that I’ve banned that. I permitted tea makers in Abyei and Wau bus stations only. Tea and shisha places will not work on the weekends. If you don’t have another business in the market please, stay at home, don’t come to the market”

Mayot threatened that those who violate the order will have their tools confiscated.

Awien Kuot, a woman who was selling tea in Aniet Market said the decision has a negative impact on their lives. Below is her statement:

“Of course, it is affecting us. when you stay two days at home, shop renting is counted and there 30 days in a moth. Also, you will spend the money at home on children needs. So, when you return to work you have to borrow money and pay it back. It seems you are working for nothing”

Awien appealed to authorities to compensate their loss with money to cope with the new situation.