People in Abyei Administrative Area cannot send money to Sudan due to COVID-19 impact


Wad Kak Adeib Investment Co. Ltd office in Aniet market

Residents in Abyei Administrative Area cannot send money to Sudan because of COVID-19 pandemic that led to closure of money transfer offices in Sudan.

Achai Biong Miyen a mother living in Agok says she could not send US dollars to her children and mother in Sudan. She says she is worried that people in Sudan who depend on money being sent from outside Sudan, may starve.

Alfred Athor works for Awalad Kak money transfer company in Aniet market. He says the spread of Coronavirus in the Sudan has led to closure of their branch and of other money agents in Sudan for three weeks. Athor says their branch in Sudan will resume operation after the end of the given period.

The only means for money to reach someone in Sudan is through mobile phone transaction.

To control the spread of Coronavirus disease, Sudan government has imposed a total lockdown making access to some basic services difficult.