UNISFA kill armed Misseriya man, confiscate guns

A UN vehicle patrols Abyei Town in 2015

The United Nations Interim Security Force (UNISFA) in Abyei Administrative Area killed an armed man from Misseriya tribe on Friday.

Akuei Akoon Wel, Commissioner of Alal County in Abyei Area says. He said the man was killed as he tried to shoot at one of UNISFA’ s officers. He added that the force confiscated more than twenty guns from Misseriya herders.

Hon. Deng Alor, the head of Abyei’s file has also confirmed this information. Alor came to the area last Thursday for burial of the late Edward Lino.

UNISFA has returned Misseriya’s herders and their cattle to places far from villages in which Ngok Dinka people live.

There was a bloody attack in that county in January after residents of Noong village opposed the presence of Misseriya cattle in their land. They wanted annual pastoralists’ conference between Ngok Dinka and Misseriya be held. It is in that conference that coming of Misseriya’s cattle for grazing in Ngok Dinka land is to be decided upon.

Abyei FM tried to contact UNISFA but there was no response.