Police arrest a woman for stealing a 3-week-old baby

Women’s detention cells at Agok Police Station.

Community Police in Agok have arrested a 26-year-old woman for stealing of a 3-week-old baby in Rumdong village, South East of Agok on Saturday.

Chol Adoor, a police investigator in Agok police station, says the woman believed to be suffering from mental illness stole the infant who was left with children and babysitter. The mother of the baby was working in the neighbour’s house.

Baby’s mother says the woman tricked the children at home that she was taking the baby for distribution of food ration in a nearby health centre.

The suspect admitted stealing the baby, saying she wanted to adopt her as she has lost all her children.

To avoid future such incidence, police advise people not to leave children alone in the house.