Abyei Civil Society-Juba postpones its its elections

Abyei civil Society Organization in Juba (ACSOJ) has postponed its elections till unknown date. The poll was scheduled to take place early this year.

Chol Joong, Information Secretary for Abyei Civil Society Organization in Juba spoke to Abyei FM. He said:

“As organization we suppose to hand over the office by the beginning of this year because our two years term in office has expired. We are ready at anytime to present both activities and financial reports before general assembly but outbreak of Corona virus has stopped us.”

Chol says all the arrangements to conducts poll that will install a new body are completed.

Abyei Civil Society Organization in Juba was formed in 2017 by four civil society groups. The organization issued an order calling off the elections in March, after South Sudan closed schools and banned public gatherings due to COVID-19 fears. More than 70 case of the pandemic had been confirmed in South.

Back home in Abyei Administrative Area, civil society groups including women and youth organizations, asked their boss to organize a first general election since the body was formed in 2010.

The incumbent chairman of the body, promised to hold the vote after which he would have handed over the office to his successor in February this year, but it did not take place till the ban on public gatherings due to fears of COVID_19 was issued.

There is no any hint on when the elections will be conducted as focus has been shifted on the Coronavirus pandemic.