Juol-jok Primary Health Care Centre reorganised to avoid congestion

Juoljok Primary Health Care Center

Juol-jok Primary Health Care Centre in Agok has been re-organised this week to avoid congestion among patients. Th facility has been divided into two sections-one for patients with cough and the other for patients suffering from other diseases.

A medical worker in the center says the new arrangement was made for easy management and of different cases of infection.

Nyanlat Meek, a patient, described the step taken by the administration of the facility as “excellent.”

She said, it would protect them from contracting the coronavirus though there are no any confirmed cases of the pandemic in Abyei Administrative Area.

COVID-19 is transmitted through droplets from cough or sneeze of COVID-19 patient.

Recommended ways to prevent it include frequent hand washing, social distancing, wearing face mask and use of sanitizers.