Abyei Community in Canada donates money to Mabok village residents

One hundred US Dollar Bill   | Credit: Martin Deng Kuol | AIRS

Abyei Civil Society organization in Canada has donated 3,000 United States Dollars as assistance to residents of Mabok village.

Bol Ajing, the Chairman of Abyei Youth Union, says they have received the financial assistance. Bol says the money will be exchanged into South Sudanese Pounds and will be given to all families in Mabok. The payment of the cash will start on Friday.

On April 13th, attackers said to be armed militias from Misseriya killed 4 people and abducted three others including two children.

Recently, Abyei community in Canada gave 10,000 USD to people affected by violence in Kolom, Leu, Mioydol and Dungob.