Police issue driving license

Traffic Police officers stand on the road connecting Aniet market to Abyei town  on 11/05/2020 Credit: Apuol Ngor Agok |AIRS

Traffic Police have started issuing driving licenses and logbooks for both motorbikes and motor vehicles on Monday. The Head of Traffic Police, Jiel Aguek says the exercise is part of combating crimes.

Driving a vehicle or ridding motorcycle without a license is a criminal offence according to traffic law of South Sudan. A driving license is a document that authorizes the holder to drive a particle type of or all vehicles.

Logbook makes it easy to track the number of vehicles or motorcycles operating in the area.

The exercise that is taking place in Agok and Abyei town, will last for one month.  Jiel urges drivers to avoid over speeding and make sure that their vehicles are in a good condition.