An elder suggests clearing bushes along Abyei town-Amiet road due to insecurity

Photo of injured leg of Abyei-Amiet road attack victim in Abyei hospital on May 13th, 2020 | Credit: Deng Korchiek | AIRS

One of elders in Abyei has called for the removal of trees near the main road between Abyei town and Amiet market, for safety of travelers.

Monyluak Achuetwei, says having these trees close to the road, put vehicles operating between Abyei town and Amiet market at a risk of attack as they harbor bandits.

He urged all the clans of nine Ngok Dinka and other communities living in Abyei to take his suggestion seriously and implement it.

Monyluak was speaking last week in Agok, during a funeral ceremony of one of the victims of ‘Kolom’ attack.

Last week, unknown gunmen opened fire at a passenger vehicle on the road linking Abyei town to Amiet market injuring one man.

In response, Chol Arithok, head of agriculture administration, asks those who wanted the trees to be cut down, to submit an official request to his office. He says he would direct Amenh Aguok county authorities to implement the request once he received the letter.

There have been repeated attacks on this road since the establishment of Amiet joint market in 2016.

A peace committee comprising members from Ngok Dinka was formed in the same year to help in maintaining peace between the two communities.

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, the Committee used to meet weekly to discuss challenges to peaceful coexistence in the area but despite their efforts, killing of civilians and cattle raid continue to happen.