South Sudan High-level Task Force on COVID-19 dissolved

President Salva Kiir | Credit: Peter Mayuk

A new high-level task force on COVID-19 has been formed with Abdelbagi Ayii, vice president for service cluster service as its head.

The decree replacing the old High-level Task Force on COVDI-19 was announced on South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation on Friday evening.

The new body consist of 13 members selected from various government institutions, including ministry of health, defence, police, internal security, medical commission and ministry of transport.

The decision came after the first COVID-19 task force which was headed by president Salva Kiir was criticized by some citizens including intellectuals for mishandling the pandemic.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in South Sudan, are close to 300 after 54 new infections were recorded on Saturday. Four patients out of the total have died of the pandemic.

Close to 5 million people globally have been infected with Coronavirus diseases-more than 300,000 out of them have died.

COVID-19 can be got from droplets from cough or sneeze of COVID-19 patients.

You can protect yourself from it by following health guidelines such as wearing mask in public places; for example banks, keeping social distance of not less than 1 meter away from another person and a lot of hand washing with soap and clean water