Health official says no COVID-19 patient escaped from hospital

Head of Health Administration in Abyei Administrative Area-Nyanwut Miyen Kuol

The head of health administration in Abyei Administrative Area has dismissed claim that a COVID 19 patient has escaped from the hospital to Amiet market.

However, Nyanwut says on of the contacts of the first COVID 19 patient was tested but she refused to wait for her results in the hospital. She assures that the woman is being monitored in isolation in her house by COVID-19 committee.

The health official also dismissed a rumour that there are 18 cases of the coronavirus pandemic in Abyei Area. She says this number was of those who were tested after suspected of having contracted the coronavirus.

There is only one case of COVID-19 confirmed in Abyei. The patient is a 19-year-old woman from Amiet. She currently being takwn care of in isolation in a health facility.