More than 200 people killed in inter-clan fighting in Jonglei State

Map of South Sudan showing the position of Jonglei State in red colour.

At least more than 200 people were killed during an inter-clan clash in Wuror County in Jonglei State last week.

Local leaders told South Sudan in Focus program on the Voice of America. Local authorities claim that armed youth suspected of being from Greater Pibor Administrative Area attacked four villages in Wurror County.

Pal Mai, former Deputy Secretary General of the defunct Bieh state, says the youth also burned houses in Pierre and Pamai villages.

“In these two locations, the Murle armed youth pillaged and burned villages in Uror, but the attackers were repulsed with serious loss inflicted on them in both locations,” Mai says.

Mai believes that the intention of the attackers was to raid cattle and abduct children and women.

Ajak Ligo, the Coordinator of Greater Pibor Administrative Area says he has no more details of the attacks.

“If the rumors happened as a truth, that the youth of Murle have gone to attack the Lou Nuer area, my message to them, both sides, the fighting cannot help each other,” Ligo says.

However, the told both youth from Pibor and Wuror to stop fighting. Ligo called on Lou Nuer and Murle leaders to intervene and end revenge attacks in the area.