Dogs attack people and animals in Agok

Some of the dogs which pose a health threat to residents of Agok | Credit: Chol Juac Chol | AIRS 2020

Some residents in Agok have raised concerns over dog attacks on livestock and people.

Biong Mayen, a resident of Mangok Achok in Agok says dogs have started eating goats in their village this month. He says a group of about 20 dogs is in their area. Mayen says these dogs are posing a threat to people, especially children.

In response, the Administrative Director in Agok Administrative Unit, Makor Madit advises residents to use white weapons for example, wooden stick to protect themselves from dogs.

According to Centers for Disease Control (CDC), one of the diseases people can get through a bite from an infected pet including dogs, is rabies. Rabies is a fatal neurological viral disease.