Mading Jokhthiang community repair their wooden bridge

Men repair a makeshift bridge close to Aniet market | Credit: Chol Juac Chol | AIRS 2020

A food for asset committee in Madiing Jokthiang in Agok, on Wednesday started repairing the wooden bridge linking the area to Aniet market.
The head the committee, Nyuat Nyong told Abyei FM that Agok Administrative Unit allowed them to collect financial contribution from traders for bridge work.

Makor Madit, the Administrative Director of Agok Administrative Unit confirmed that they agreed on resource mobilization from business people.

Nyong says Abyei Community Action for Development assisted them with nails, binding wire, and hammers. He assures that the local material-made bridge will be ready for use soon.

The locals had appealed to ACAD to repair the wooden bridges in Agok, saying their movement would be limited during rainy season if nothing was done. Construction of bridges using local materials, and digging drainage systems are some of the activities ACAD is implementing in “Food for Asset” program.