IOM builds traditional court in Agok

Workers on the proposed court site photographed  on 20/05/2020 | Credit: Chol Juac Chol | AIRS 2020

The International Organization for Migration is building a traditional court in Agok.

The construction started on Wednesday this week. The building has a hall measuring 8 by 5 meters and a 3 by 3-meter office.

The Administrative Director of Agok Administrative Unit, Makor Madit is coordinating the work. He says this is an initiative Rumamer County administration and IOM initiated in 2017.

Chief Akonon Agok, a member of the traditional court in Agok, believes having such a building will make their work more organized. He says they will be using it for keeping their documents and hearing court sessions. According to him, the house is an assurance of continuous court sessions even during rainy season.

Currently, court proceedings in Agok are done under a tree or in a temporary shelter with limited space.