Merciless Coronavirus attacks Bashir’s three aides in cells

From left to right- Abdel Rahim Mohammed, Ali Osman Mohammed Taha and Ahmed Mohammed Haroun

Three aides to former Sudanese  President, Omar al Bashir have contracted COVID-19 in prison. Sudanese authorities told the media on Wednesday.

Sudan has 4346 confirmed cases of Coronavirus infections including 195 and 749 recoveries as of May 28th, 2020. The former Sudanese officials are Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, Ahmed Mohamed Haroun and Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein. They are being detained in Kober maximum security prison following Bashir’s ouster in April 2019. 

The three are charged with different offences including corruption and are awaiting trial. They are in isolation in different places according to a statement issued by Sudanese authorities.

Bashir’s former senior aides held various top positions in the Sudan till their regime was removed last year amidst nation-wide protests.

Taha worked as vice president of the Sudan from 1993 till 2013, Haroun was the governor of Northern Kordufan and Hussein led Defense and Interior ministries. All of them were senior members of the now-defunct National Congress Party (NCP).