More than 2000 schoolgirls in Rumamer county receive money

Some school girls in Abyei Administrative Area

Girls studying at both primary and secondary schools in Rumamer County started receiving incentives on Friday. About 2336 girls will receive the money.

Ajiing Kuol, Head Teacher of Rumamer primary school says about 69 girls in the school have received their incentives without any reduction.

Ateng Agel Chol, a pupil in Deng Mathiang orimary school in Agok, confirms that she got 3,300 South Sudanese Pounds.

There were claims that some pupils in Luis Nyok primary got less than 3,300 SSP, the actual amount. John Ajang Kiir, Director General of Education has dismissed it saying it was a baseless allegation.

The money from Girls’ Education South Sudan (GESS) is being given to girls from selected classes in both primary and secondary levels.

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) and  Ecobank are responsible for its payment. Education Administration supervises the cash payment exercise.