USA donates $ 18.8 million for COVID-19 response in South Sudan

The United States of America has donated additional 18.8 million USD to South Sudan for Coronavirus fight. The money will be spent on provision of humanitarian assistance including emergency food supply. This is according to report by eye radio.

Public risk communication, water, sanitation, hygiene, and COVID-19 infection prevention are some of the services the additional funds will support.

“This assistance supports case-management and keeps essential health care operating; provides risk-communication and community-engagement programs; supports efforts to prevent and control infections; provides safe water and hygiene items; provides emergency food assistance; and strengthens local capacity and coordination by working with existing health structures and with others in the humanitarian community,” reads the statement.

With this the total financial donation to the country increased to nearly 40.6 million US dollars. According to the statement, the funding targets people affected by the humanitarian crises including the displaced.

Portion of the money will be used in strengthening health facilities in the country and training of health personnel will also be covered.

Though South Sudan confirmed its first case of COVID-19 infection in April, it is leading some countries in the horn of Africa and East Africa.