Farmers oppose new land ploughing fees

A women removes weed on her farm in Abyei Administrative Area in 2018 | Courtesy: Radio Miraya.

Agriculture authorities have increased a price for digging a fedan of farmland using a tractor from 3000 SSP to 5000 SSP. A farmer is also asked to provide fuel.

Some farmers spoke to Abyei FM journalists. Chol Deng Chol, a farmer in Luat-Agook in Abyei says cannot afford the new fee. He wants the old price to be maintained.

Deng Goc is the Director General of Agriculture, Animal Resources, Forestry and Fisheries in Abyei Administrative Area. Deng says they made the decision to cover the cost of tractor repair cost which he says has increased. He emphasizes that paying a fee is a basic condition.

The official says they have received many applications for farmland plowing. The administration has six tractors ready for cultivation this season.