Traders save a fuel vehicle driver in Amiet market

Fuel dealers in Amiet market in 2019 | Credit: Mayen Ayuong Ajuong | AIRS 2020

Fuel dealers saved a life of driver from the hand of a suspected robber in Amiet market over the weekend. The vehicle was loaded with fuel.

Ring Deng Nyok, is a member of Joint Peace Committee and the head of joint court in Abyei market told Abyei FM. He says a man stabbed the driver in the chest in what he believed was an attempted vehicle robbery.

According to Deng, the driver resisted till fuel dealers came to his rescue and caught the attacker.0 He says the attacker is currently in jail in Amiet market awaiting trial before the Joint Court.

Still on crime, Security Committee in Amiet on Friday apprehended a man over alleged robbery. The man is accused of robbing travelers from Sudan of their belongings in Langar area north of Todac. Ring Deng Nyok confirmed that the suspect is awaiting trial in custody