Agok Administrative Unit assures calm in the town

The building containing Agok Administrative Unit offices in Agok-AAA | Credit: Chol Ayiik Chol | AIRS 2020

Agok Administrative Unit has reassured civilians of calm following heavy shooting. Residents in Mabuny, Madiing-Jokthiang and Kol-luoth left their homes on Tuesday because of heavy sounds of gunshots.

Deng Ali Bathbuny, Executive Director of Agok Administrative Unit spoke to Abyei FM. Deng says cattle raiders exchanged gunfire with local residents South East of Agok town.

One person was injured in the leg during this incident and is being nursed in MSF hospital in Agok. The executive director says, security organs contained the situation restoring calm to the town. Deng calls on people to stop spreading rumors that terrorizing the residents.

Recently, some people in the suburbs if Abyei town were displaced by similar incident. They returned to their homes later.

Though no one allowed to hold guns in Abyei area, armed attacks continue to rob civilians of their lives and properties.  Abyei, a contested region between Sudan and South Sudan is mainly inhabited by Ngok Dinka.