IDPs from Noong and Dokura return home

Displaced people from Kolom who received humanitarian assistance from Achai Wiir Company

365 displaced families have returned to their homes in Noong and Dokura villages.

Kuaja Yai, Director of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in Abyei told Abyei FM. Yay says the returnees got some food assistance including beans and rice. He urged the returnees to farm in group so that they can get free agriculture items for example tools from humanitarian organizations.

“My message to returnees is to uphold farming in group so that they get support from humanitarian organizations. Because organizations love group work,” Yai said.

More than 700 families fled their homes in Noong, Kolom, Dokura and Amiet following deadly attack on Kolom village early this year. The Internally Displaced Persons run to Abyei town for safety