Troika calls for formation of state governments


The Troika has called on parties to revitalized peace agreement to establish state governments. Eye radio says. Troika attributed growing violence in the states to a “vacuum” created by absence of state government.

The peace parties formed presidency and cabinet in February and March. However, appointment of state governors is being delayed by disagreement on allocation of states.

According to UN, the vacuum has resulted to uncontrolled ethnic and inter-clan violence done states for example, Jonglei, Warrap, Central Equatoria and Lakes.

“In Jonglei, the vacuum created by the lack of governance has exacerbated cycles of inter-communal violence,” partly writes Troika in a statement, referring to recent deadly fighting in Akobo. The statement also added that the delay slows the fight against COVID-19.

In May, UN reports showed more cases of sexual and gender-based violence in Central Equatoria.

Governments of the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Norway make up Troika.