Traffic Police brief motorcycle riders on traffic rules

Motorbikes of riders who were briefed on safe usage of roads | Credit: Achai Biong Arop | AIRS 2020

Traffic Police in Agok are briefing motorbike riders traffic rules including safe road usage. On Monday morning, the starting day of the briefing, more than thirty motorcycles were seen parked at Agok Community Police Station. Some motorbike owners were attending the briefing.

Jiel Aguek, head of Traffic Police in Rumamer County says they will continue doing this till they are satisfied that the traffic rules are being observed. The police officer says he is worried about reckless ridding of motorcycles in the area.

One of the motorbike riders, Arop Kuol Nyok, assures his readiness to apply the instructions required of them by the traffic police.

Unsafe ridding including over speeding can cause road accidents.