Rumamer County authorities request sports lovers to be patient

Local fans of Barcelona Football club in Abyei Administrative Area

The Commissioner of Rumamer County, Mayot Kunit has asked viewers of international sports tournaments and sports club owners to be patient. He said they are discussing the reopening of sports clubs with the head of local government and law enforcement in Abyei Administrative Area and indicated that the issue will be resolved coming week.

Earlier on, club owners requested authorities to allow them resume work saying it was their source of income. Clubs were closed in March due to fears of Coronavirus outbreak.

Arop Dau, Coach of Merikh Football Club is one of those who want clubs to resume operation. He said they will be observing social distancing. At least 1-meter social distancing, a lot of handwashing, wearing face masks are some of COVID-19 preventive measures recommended by World Health Organization.

Coronavirus can be passed from one person to another through droplets from cough or sneeze of COVID-19 patient. There are eight confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Abyei Administrative Area.