Police demolish some shops in Aniet market

Rumamer County Commissioner-Mr. Mayot Kunit speaking to residents of Rumamer in December 2019


Community Police is demolishing shops located in the southern part of Aniet market. Police say they were instructed by Rumamer County Commissioner, Mayot Kunit to destroy these buildings.  The directives came after the commissioner’s visit to Aniet market on Friday morning.

The commissioner said the women living in that area are misusing the business places. He said they have turned them into local alcohol selling point. Mayot argued that the sale of alcohol in the main markets has not been approved.

Owners of these places have condemned the demolition. They said authorities should have arrested those misusing the place instead of destroying their property.

Two years ago, Agok Administrative Unit banned the sale of local brew in that location, but the order was not implemented.

Related alcohol crackdowns have been seen in Abyei town. In May, Abyei town municipality ordered for the relocation of local breweries from the town center to its outskirts. Executive Director of the Municipality, Dut Piok Amuor attributed criminal activities in the town to drinking of alcohol.

Some residents of the designated areas had rejected the transfer of the local brew bars and factories to their palace.