Two injured during random shooting in Agok

Executive Director of Agok Administrative Unit Deng Ali Bathbuny | Credit: Rose Monytoch | AIRS 2020

A woman and a child were wounded in Agok during a random shooting on Sunday night. The woman from Mading-Jokthiang sustained an injury in her thigh. The seven-year-old girl from Agok north is being treated for fracture in her arm.

The gunshots started at ten and continued for some hours. The executive director of Rumamer county rushed to Abyei FM station to call for calm.

Deng Ali Bathbuny said some people shot guns because of solar eclipse that was seen in some countries, something that sounds strange to the ears as it has been a practice before. He said those involved in the shooting would be punished if caught.

Agok Administrative Unit came out with microphone calling people to be calm. Residents have demanded for investigation into the shooting.

Civilians say guns should not be used to frighten people.

“They want people to leave their houses then, they loot. Maybe (when) people return they find things missing,” one of the residents said.

They said this on Abyei FM that had to go on air an hour after its normal operation time due to fear of harm, some residents fled their homes that night.