Abyei Town Municipality bans killing female livestock for sale

Executive Director of Abyei town municipality-Dut Piok Amuor | Credit; Apuo Nor Agok | AIRS 2020

Abyei town municipality has banned slaughtering of female goats in the town.Executive Director of Abyei town Municipality, Dut Piok Amuor said police went to slaughterhouse and found about 11 females goats killed.

Community Police investigator, Bol Ajak confirmed that police seized about 29 female goats from the slaughterhouse. He mentioned that police have initiated a case under article 317 on killing of animals. Dut Piok revealed that the public attorney has formed a committee to monitor the sale of meat from slaughtered animals.

Last week, the municipality issued an order banning killing of female livestock including of cattle.