Abyei Administrative Area records 3 new COVID-19 cases

Head of Health Administration, Nyanwut Miyen Kuol speaking to participants during a workshop in Abyei Town this year. 

The head of Health Administration in Abyei says three new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed this week. This brings the total number of recorded Coronavirus infections in the area to 15.

Two suspects of COVID-19 have died in Abyei. Samples collected from them when they were alive were sent to Juba for testing, they are not released.

Head of Health Administration, Nyanwut Miyen says the patients are in good health. She appealed to the public to follow COVID-19 preventive guidelines such as handwashing and social distancing of at least 1 meter.

Coronavirus is transmitted through droplets expelled from cough, sneeze of speech of coronavirus patient. The first case of the Coronavirus was confirmed registered in Abyei Administrative Area in May.

As of Friday, cases of the pandemic in South Sudan are close to 2,000 including 36 deaths.