Money Transfer companies’ constant apologies for shortage of cash anger customers

Wad Kak Adeib Investment Co. Ltd office in Aniet market | Credit: Chol juac Chol | AIRS 2020

Some people in Abyei Administrative Area have expressed annoyance over difficulty they are facing in receiving money through money transfer bureaus. They described apologies from money transfer management as “annoying.” They say sometimes they go to money transfer agent’s offices only to find no cash.

Some said money should be paid in time to meet the needs of the receiver adding it should not be delayed for whatever reasons.

Owners of the money transfer companies say many factors have weakened their financial positions. They mentioned economic crises and poor roads as some of the factors affecting their operation. According to them, they cannot get cash from other branches outside Abyei Area to reinforce their business on time due to bad roads.

But some money transfer companies which are not affected by shortage of cash, have attributed the problem to poor planning and management.