Dotbaai residents repair bridges in their area

Men repair a makeshift bridge linking Mading-Jokthiang  to Aniet market | Credit: Chol Juac Chol | AIRS 2020

Residents of Dotbai in Agok will start repairing the wooden bridge on Saturday. The two crossing points connect villages north of Agok town to Juol-jok where there are various services including health and education.

The chairman of the committee, Piot Guem Chol says they are working on the bridge to ease the movement of people. The wooden bridge lying across Achok stream, is in a bad condition.

According to Guem, the elderly, children and women carrying heavy loads are finding a difficulty when using the bridge. He says they have received working tools and money as assistance from a non-governmental organization.

Save the Children International has also contributed eight 1-and-half metallic pipes for repairing another bridge in the area.

Two years ago, residents built the bridge with soil, but it was washed away by water last year. There are about 7 wooden bridges in Agok which were mainly constructed by non-governmental organizations.