People in Abiemnom receive food aid

More than 8,900 people in Abiemnom West and East counties in Ruweng Administrative Area are receiving relief food. The Deputy Coordinator for Relief and Rehabilitation Commission for Great Abiemnom says Samaritan Purse started distributing food ration for July and August in the area on Tuesday.

Santo Nyok says the commodities being given out include sorghum, pulses and salt. He expresses appreciation for the assistance.

He appreciated the organisation for food distribution saying some people would have left their homes to where they can get food. “we were even worried that there may be migration to distant areas,” he said.

Each person is getting seven and half kilograms of grains as monthly food ration. The relief food is coming from the World Food Program. According to Kat, the food assistance is distributed in advance due to predicted road inaccessibility in the months ahead.