Community Police detain a boy for injuring a girl

Detention facility at Agok Police Station
Detention facility at Agok Community Police Station

Community Police in Agok arrested a 13-year-old boy on Thursday for allegedly stabbing a 16-year-old girl. Police say the boy stabbed the girl in the back while fighting north east of Aniet market.

Community Police Commander Deng John Yak says they are just holding the boy but there is no any case filed against him. He added that investigation into the incidence will begin after the doctor’s report. John says the girl was given form 8 to access treatment in the hospital.

But he said the family of the boy said the girl fell on a sharp object but not stabbed with a knife. Like armed attacks, assaults using white weapons is also a threat to human lives.

Early this year, community police reported that killings using white weapons such as knives, staff were on the rise in Abyei. In March, police arrested a man for stabbing his ex-partner to death in Rumkoor village south east of Agok. He later pleaded guilty for murder after investigation.