Health authorities warn sports club owners against reopening

Acting Head of Health Administration Nyanwut Miyen Kuol

The acting head of health in Abyei Administrative Area has warned owners of club where people watch sports and games not to resume operation without permission from COVID-19 Committee. Nyanwut Miyen Kuol who is also the secretary of the committee said club owners should be patient and wait until they meet.

“We did not tell owners of sports view clubs to reopen. We will hold a meeting with representatives of sports clubs to study the situation. Because the cases of the virus continue to increase,” said Nyanwut warning “opening sports clubs this time is considered a violation because there is no official communication.”

Nyanwut added that COVID-19 Committee will meet the acting deputy chief administrator on Monday to discuss the matter.

Mayen Kur, owner of Jurbai club in Agok says he is waiting for official communication allowing them to reopen. Club owners said they submitted their request for resumption to health administration two weeks ago. This week some clubs resumed operation in Abyei town.

In Agok, Police closed a few clubs that resumed working saying there was no official communication. Clubs and some other business places were closed in March due to fear of coronavirus.

Abyei Administrative Area has 34 confirmed cases of Coronavirus including one death. Two suspects of the coronavirus died at the hospital before results of the tests were released. South Sudan has 2,129 confirmed cases of the pandemic including 41 deaths and 1,065 recoveries as of Thursday. The global infection has surpassed 12 million including more than 550,000 fatalities.