The coming of Abyei’s chief administrator pushed to next week

Acting Head of Health Adminstration-Nyanwut Miyen Kuol | Credit: Apuol Ngor Agok | AIRS 2020

The coming of the newly appointed chief administrator of Abyei Administrative Area to Abyei, has been postponed to Monday. The Acting Head of Health Administration in Abyei Administrative Area, Nyanwut Miyen Kuol told Abyei FM on Wednesday.

Kuol Deim Kuol is supposed to arrive in the area on Thursday. The senior official says the journey was cancelled because officials will be attending the funeral of late Abdelkharim Manyiel on Thursday in Abyei Area. Manyiel who was advisor for peace in Abyei administrative area, and leader of Islamic Council in Abyei, died in Juba on Sunday. 

Nyanwut also mentioned that the new leader has some consultative meetings to hold in Juba. John Ajang Kiir, Deputy Information Secretary for the Reception Committee has confirmed the postponement.

Kuol Deim Kuol was appointed as chief administrator of Abyei Administrative Area by the President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir on June 29th, 2020 and took oath of office in Juba on 1st July. Preparations to welcome him home and his duty location, have been made, the head of the reception committee told Abyei FM on Monday.