UN Security Council calls for protection of youth by member states

The United Nations Security Council has urged member states to protect young people from violence during armed conflict.

The UN resolution on Youth Peace and Security adopted on 14th July 2020, “Calls on all relevant actors, to consider ways to increase the inclusive representation of youth for the prevention and resolution of conflict, as well as in peacebuilding, including when negotiating and implementing peace agreements, and to ensure the full, effective and meaningful participation of youth, recognizing that their marginalization is detrimental to building sustainable peace.”

The document called for representation of youth in leadership for prevention and resolution of conflicts. According to the UN body there is no sustainable peace without the contribution of young people. It also urged its member states to support youth conflict prevention activities.

The resolution stresses helping young people so, they can develop resilience against radicalization to violence and terrorism.

The Council outlined job creation and education for youth among others as ways to invest in youths.

“Stresses the importance of providing opportunities for young people to strengthen resilience against radicalization to violence and terrorist recruitment by creating policies for youth, while complying with relevant obligations under international law, in particular international human rights law and international humanitarian law as an essential part of successful counter-terrorism efforts;” the statement reads.

UN resident Coordinator says 70 percent of South Sudanese are young people below 30 years-many of whom are participating in the armed conflict in the country.