Vice President Dr. Wani Igga kneels for peace

South Sudanese Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga | Credit: Vice of Reconciliation 98.4 FM

The Vice President of South Sudan, Dr. Wani Igga knelt yesterday in front of chiefs in Bor in Jonglei states calling for peace. The vice president urged the local chiefs to convince their children to stop communal fighting.

According to the voice of reconciliation, a local radio in Bor, Igga leading a high-level committee arrived in Bor town on Sunday. Early this month, Salva Kiir formed a committee to resolve inter-communal fighting between Greater Pibor Administrative Area and Jonglei state. The body led by Dr. Igga is tasked with identifying root causes of the violence and conducting community peace dialogues.

The committee will be meetings elders and community leaders from Jonglei state and Greater Pibor Administrative Area. Since the beginning of the year, there have been fighting involving cattle raid, child abductions and killings in the area.

Recent fighting in Akobo, Jalle payam and Gumuruk led to deaths and displacement of civilians. In May, the UN Human Rights Commission noted an increase in inter-communal violence in South Sudan, with 658 people killed, 452 wounded, and 592 abducted in the first quarter of 2020.