Agok residents say registration for relief food is unfair

Some residents of Agok are say the on-going registration for food distribution is unfair. They claim the registration committee members are not giving out food ration cards according to the criteria set by Bishop Gassis Relief and Rescue Foundation.

According to the Catholic church-based humanitarian organization, only the most vulnerable families should be registered. Piot Guem Chol, a member of registration committee in Juol-jok, dismissed the claim.

He says the registration is fair. However, he says the ration cards they were given by the organization were not enough. He advised people to raise their complaint to the administration of Bishop Gasssis relief and rescue foundation for solution.

The Projects Manager of the organization, Kuol Deng Biong says, their criteria do not allow registration of those benefiting from Food for Asset program.

Last week, Bishop Gassis Relief and Rescue Foundation started registration of 200 vulnerable families in Agok and 150 others in Abyei town. The identified households will be given rice, sorghum, pulses, and salt. The distribution is expected to start this week.