Health Administration receives mosquito nets

The Health Administration in Abyei Administrative Area on Monday received more than 10,000 bales of mosquito nets. Each bail contains 50 mosquito nets.

The Acting Director General of Health Administration has confirmed saying, the items were brought from South Sudan’s ministry of health.  Kon Thon says preparations for the distribution are going on. He says training on how to fill in the distribution forms will begin in Abyei town on Thursday. The health official says the mosquito nets will be given out from door-to-door through the help of local leaders.

South Sudan’s health ministry distributes mosquito nets to states after every three years. Last week, director of administration at Agok hospital reported increase in the number of malaria cases.

Dr. Aguek Malei who works for MSF in Agok advised people to go to bed early and sleep under mosquito nets to protect themselves from malaria. Malaria is caused by plasmodium parasites transmitted through bites of female anopheles mosquitoes.

According to World Health Organization, WHO, malaria killed 405,000 people-mainly children in 2018.