Abyei health administration distributes bicycles to health workers

Bicycles donated to Health administration by Save the Children International

Health Administration has distributed bicycles to health centers in Abyei Administrative Area. The distribution of bicycles started last week. The total number of bicycles that were donated was 50. Five health facilities have already received the bicycles.

Malual Aleu and Mijak health centers were given four bicycles each. Abyei hospital also, went with four bikes while Agok and Amenhbeek hospitals got two bikes each.

The acting head of health in Abyei Administrative Area, Nyanwut Miyen Kuol, says fifteen health facilities will receive the items. The bicycles are donation from Save the Children International.

Nyanwut said the bicycles will help ease the movement of health workers in the villages. During wet season, bicycles become the most reliable means of transport as roads become less accessible by vehicles.