Traders, customers in Aniet market complain about air pollution

The sewage tank left in the vicinity of UM al-Kul resaurant in Aniet market.

Traders and customers in Aniet market are complaining about air poor management of sewage. This came after sewage was drained from public latrines into a tank and remained stationed in the market since Monday. They are saying the stink is harmful to health asking health authorities to intervene.

Sadia Malei, owner of Um Alkul restaurant located near the latrines where the sewage tank was stationed says her business is ‘badly affected’. She says the number of customers coming to her restaurant has reduced because of the bad smell.

Public and Environmental Health Inspector in Agok Administrative Unit, Dau Achuil says they are looking for a quick solution to the problem. Three weeks ago, Agok administrative unit took the management of these public latrines.

A businessman who was operating them for business was arrested over environmental pollution, he was released later. The man was caught gushing out sewage from the latrines into Agok seasonal stream located just a few meters north of Aniet market.

Recently the locals also criticized health authorities for poor waste disposal saying dumping waste near Agok stream was putting people especially children at the risk of catching skin infections. Agok authorities promised to investigate the issue.