Abyei Vision newspaper is ‘back in business’ after ten years

Abyei vision, Arabic newspaper owned by Abyei Administration has resumed printing for the first time since 2010. The bi-weekly newspaper issued its volume number 25 on Tuesday.

The Director General of the newspaper, Deng Mileek Ajuet says copies of the paper will be distributed freely to government institutions in the area. The newspaper started operation in 2008 but it stopped after two years due to shortage of funds.

Abyei Vision covers stories and programs mainly on activities of Abyei Administrative Area. Besides, Abyei Vision, there were Chuen Ayak news paper and Abyei Alhan newspaper owned by Sudan People Liberation Movement in Abyei.

But the newspapers did not last for long. Chuen Ayak stopped production and Abyei Alhan was turned into electronic media.