Abyei women Association submits female nominees to Chief Administrator

Shima Deng-Leader of Abyei Women Association

Abyei Women Association has nominated 17 women for various positions in Abyei Administrative Area. The list was submitted to the Chief Administrator, Kuol Deim Kuol on Monday. The women leader in Abyei, Shima Deng says the nominees are for two administrations, one commissioner and advisors.

“We the women association have three nominees for each position. And the three nominees will represent us in all levels for example, administrations, advisors and counties,” Deng said adding “we are waiting for the formation of the government.”

Among the nominees in the list are Aliec Chol Manyiel and Angeth Bol Nhial. Women in Abyei have been demanding for 35 percent full representation in administration.

The chief administrator has promised jobs for women and youths in his administration. The establishment of the new administration has taken longer time than was expected. On Tuesday, the chief administrator, called for patience saying, he is waiting for a decision over the size of the administration.

He said there is a committee formed by the president of South Sudan to review the executive structure of the three administrative areas including Abyei, but the date of submitting the findings is not known.