Agok-Abyei Transport cost increases

Toyota pickups commonly used for transport in Abyei Administrative Area | Credit: Chol Ayiik Chol | AIRS 2020

The fee for boarding a vehicle from Agok to Abyei town has increased from 800 to 1500 south Sudanese pounds. The cost almost doubled on Thursday this week. Drivers say they added 700 SSP because of bad road and increase in fuel price. Acheing Miror, a resident of Agok said the fare is too high to afford and urged drivers to reduce it.

“The traders have right because the road is bad. But also, it is not good for it to be 1500 pounds. I see 1000 is fair to people who can afford. The fee is unfair, the government must meet drivers to put fair price for residents and owners of the vehicles.”

Drivers’ Union in Abyei Administrative Area says it is not aware of the changes. While Agok Administrative Unit declined to comment on the issue. Transport charge from Abyei town to Amiet market has also gone up to 500 South Sudanese Pounds from 300 South Sudanese pounds.

During rainy season, transport cost in Abyei increases as roads become nearly impassable.