Proposal changing names of counties and county boundaries in Abyei Administrative Area released


Map of Abyei Administrative Area provided by Google

A proposal renaming the counties and redrawing county boundaries in Abyei Administrative Area is being discussed by council of administrators. The plan also divided the area into five geographical locations namely, Gok in the West, Ngol in the north, Toch in the south, Pandit in the east and Abyei municipality in the center.

The Secretary General of Abyei Administrative Area, Ring Deng Kuol says the current administrative division does not promote unity. He argued that the new system will also support development.

However, Deng did not elaborate more on how the new system will bring about unity and development. On Wednesday, the chief administrator of Abyei Administrative Area, instructed SPLM office to mark the boundaries between the counties.

The Acting Chairman of SPLM in the Area, Deng Kiir Mater said they were given that assignment because they know the map of the area.

If approved, some clans of the Ngok Dinka would be disintegrated with some sections of the same clan falling under different administrative units as opposed to the current system in which two or more clans share a county without their traditional set up affected.