South Sudan’s parties agree on state power sharing

Peace partners signing power-sharing deal on state governments formation. | Courtesy: Sudan Tribune

South Sudan’s parties to the revitalized peace agreement have agreed on power sharing at the state and local government levels. The deal was signed and announced on Monday.

According to a document seen by Abyei FM, the government, Sudan People Liberation Movement-In Opposition and Other Political Parties shall appoint 3 deputy state governors each.

While South Sudan Opposition Alliance will have one. Each state government will have 17 ministers shared as 9 for the government, 5 for SPLM-IO, 2 for SSOA and 1 for OPP.

Among ten state speakers, 5 shall be from the government, 3 from SPLM-IO, 1 from SSOA and 1 from OPP. Out of 51 members of parliament for the ten states, 28 shall Salva Kiir’s appointees. 14 shall come from Dr. Machar’s party 5 from SSOA and 4 from OPP.

The revitalized peace agreement gives 55 percent to the government, 27 to SPLM-IO, 10 percent to SSOA and 8 percent to Other Political Parties.

The deal also left the appointment of town Mayors to the hands of the state governors. Each state assembly shall have two chief whips; 1 for the government and 1 for the opposition.