AYAKS Helping Hands Organization leaders accuse colleague of failing them


The leaders of AYAKS Helping Hands Organization, a humanitarian organization based in US are blaming their colleague for stopping their operation. The President of the organization, Ayak Deng Madut says Aguek Nyok Ngor has failed their life-saving program in Abyei.

AYAKS Helping Hands Organization delivers health and education services in Abyei Administrative Area. It pays medical bills for malaria and typhoid on behalf of those who cannot afford it.

Ayak told Abyei FM that they have been receiving reports from Abyei that cases of these two diseases are on the rise. Akuch Deng is the Vice president of and the coordinator of life-saving program for AYAKS Helping Hands Organization.

“It is Aguek Nyok Ngor who has failed the work completely. He did nothing since November. And when we call him to let us understand things, he is avoiding us,” Akuch said adding , “he no longer tells us what is happening. Now what we are working on is to get someone to employ so that he can pick up the operation.”

She says they are looking for a new person to take up the position, assuring that they will resume giving the assistance soon Akuch has apologized to the community for inconsistency in service delivery.

On Monday, Aguek Nyok Ngor defended himself saying the project stopped due to COVID-19 and lack of some documents.

“I can’t go ahead with work when the operation certificate is not obtained. Operation certificate is important. If it is not out, how can I work? I would like it to be out, then we continue,” Nyok said.

However, he expressed willingness to continue volunteering for the organization.

Malaria is caused by plasmodium parasites transmitted through a bite of female anopheles’ mosquito. It is one of the commonest diseases people suffer from in the area during rainy season. According to World Health Organization, WHO, the disease afflicted 228 million people worldwide and killed 405,000, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa in 2018.