Health administration distributes mosquito nets

The Health Administration in Abyei Administrative Area is distributing mosquito nets to people in the area. The distribution started on Monday in Abyei town. The items were given by South Sudan Ministry of health.

The Acting Director General of health administration Kon Thon Mayen says the mosquito are distributed to people, so they protect themselves from Malaria. Malaria one of the common diseases in Abyei during rainy season.

Sleeping under a mosquito net is one of the ways to prevent malaria. Malaria is caused by plasmodium parasites. It is transmitted from one person to another through the bite of female anopheles’ mosquito.

According to the official, every household will receive mosquito nets. The number of mosquito nets being given out are more than fifty thousand pieces.

Last month, Abyei FM reported rising cases of malaria in Abyei administrative area. Agok hospital health workers said they were treating 30 cases on the average in a day. According to world Health Organization, malaria killed about 405,000 people globally in 2018.